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traveler wishlist!

3 places I want to go.

It’s the holiday. It is time for the kid traveler to share you her dream travel plan (just a dream though, I can’t afford one). The bright amber fireball hanging in the baby blue sky awaits me. I force myself to walk outside. I can’t hide from the world forever. These are places I dream of going for the holiday. 🙂

Kid Traveler wish list No. 1

The first place I long to go to is Derby, UK. There are many reasons why I want to reach this destination. One of the main reasons is because there is my favourite band doing a concert there called Motionless In White.

They are an American metal band that travels places. The concert will be on Friday. The other reason is for my Geography project. I am supposed to learn more in the UK. But instead of researching, I figured it will be even more exciting to explore instead. Let us take a look at this kid traveler second wish.

Kid Traveler wish list No. 2

kid traveler

The second place I dream of going is in the country of sunrise, Japan! I would like to go to Tokyo. The likely reason is that I admire Japan’s culture and also because of the scenery in Japan. I have seen many pictures of Sakura. Many have said they smell of a delightful aroma, and I would love to smell one when I am in Japan.

One of my friends have also told me of the cold weather, so I’ll be sure to pack some jackets! Hihi, next kid traveler wishes, please.

Kid Traveler wish list No. 3

kid traveler
And finally, the third place I would like to go to is Maldives. I have seen a few pictures of the beaches in Maldives on Google images and I really have to say their blue beaches and lagoons are enough for me to make me go there. And also because I really love collecting and is hunting for shark teeth near the shore.

So, these are all the places I dream of going. Of course, all these three places are impossible to go to in just one holiday. So for now, I will just keep dreaming and swipe on the pictures of the fun I will be missing.


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Yours truly,
Sabrina – Just a kid full of dreams.