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3 best countries to migrate and start a living

We want to take a look at countries that has a minimum wage policy. Things to consider before we list the name of countries to migrate, what we would agree on is the wages.

For Australia, they have a minimum wage of USD 9.54. Something to look forward into. Else, travel the world to see their condition of living, the social, the environment and much more.

countries to migrate
the minimum wages. source: world economic forum.

Australia: countries to migrate no.1

countries to migrate australia

Australia is underpopulated. This is one of the great opportunity to shine if you have skills in a particular department (refer to the table below). But why Australia? If you like the 4 seasons, the beautiful beaches, the mountains and the kangaroos, this is one to consider, countries to migrate into.



countries to migrateFor more info please check at the website here:




Singapore: countries to migrate no.2

countries to migrate


Now you want security with crime rate close to zero, you want the to be in the country notable of the advanced networking and efficient transport system, best social integration with multiple racial support. You won’t be lonely, chances are you will see your same kin all over the places.

Expats that came over this red dot sunny island are usually in the consultations, computers, port and shipping. Consider working at Changi Airport, the best and most glamorously dazzling place to work in the world.

countries to migrate

Notable foreigners working in Singapore

-Domestic helper
-IT Specialist
-Construction worker
-Medical and Dentistry
-Consultation Specialist

countries to migrate


Luxembourg: countries to migrate no.3

Uncover the multicultural ancient looking city, the stupendous Duchy of Luxembourg’s capital Also situate for large portions European establishments.

Between customs or modernity, exposed yourself and be astounded by green-and-muddy themed where numerous visitor left their footprints before, its UNESCO globe legacy monuments and the various museums and squares.

countries to migrate

Something interesting here would be the modern social integration and the daily life. Low crime rate, high IQ people, they will make you feel at home. Settling down and making a living here would be a dream come true for people from the east, total opposite.

This country economy is also known to be robust as steel, strong yet malleable. They say or so reported to be one of the highest minimum paid wages.

Notable foreigners working here:

– English Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Math Teacher 
– Science Teacher 
Yes, they need lots of teachers who can speak English.

Tired and bored of your country. Being and adventurous person, explore. Take a look. Travel. See, blend and be with them. Get the feel of the surroundings before committing yourself to an entirely new environment for the thrill of adventurous sensations.


About Binary Travel

The Evolution of Travel and Work Remotely

So you heard about people getting a job overseas. They travel and work. They get to earn and make a living in their dream country. So why?

Previously, we know how it works. You go online, you check for job vacancies online. Some get the local job and get lucky enough to be transferred to another branch overseas. Others landed the job as an English teacher in all-girl Japanese high school. The rest?

The evolution and secret of travel and work

travel and work
Okay, the rest. Tell me what they do. Tell me how they get to travel and work and make a living. I saw them. Those backpackers staying over in Turkey, the marvelous khaki-city of Istanbul, for a month. Then we have the surfers that camp in Maldives over half a year. What’s their secret?

If you are thinking of working online, yes you got it right. But how? Help me?

The article writer, travel and work (aka the freelancer journalist)

Those people, use their writing skills, pro or self-taught. Set a website, build traffic. Run ads on their articles. Get readership and subscribers and so forth.

They are just creative people you hear me. They write stories of their wanderlust adventure, the sight. the mountain climbing. The lost glazing night under the Aurora hues by the frozen lake. The tropical cabin near the rising sun island. You just imagine they did it.

The affiliate marketer

This is kind of like the adventurer. But this also allows you to work back in your country. You don’t need sightings to generate beautiful ideas to proposed for readership traffics. Because this kind of job allows you to work online, you just need your laptop and… yes, just your laptop. That’s about it.

So if you want to try affiliate marketing, there are so many powerful platforms and products you can choose from. Amazon, eBay, Ali-baba, nutrition products, toys, tickets, Agoda. You pick your best niche of interest and go. Take your time to set up the platform. Learn to work with social media and blogging tools. Once your system is up and running, you may begin your adventure your little online gold generating machine will start to generate you your passive yet sustainable income.

Several ideas for you.

  1. The paid to click
  2. Online surveys
  3. The forex traders
  4. Facebook poster

Travel and work. Is it for me?

Take your time. Don’t rush. The key is dedication, discipline and perseverance. Knowledge and the right education too is needed.
What you can start with is to pick a niche. Get it up and run. Do it while you still have a full-time job with your local district. You don’t want to be eating grass while you struggle your way to build your platform and earn nothing for like 6 month? 1 year?

Personally, my thoughts about this topic. You won’t lose a thing if you spend an hour a day learning to write, doing websites and blogs(with tools available and nowadays it is so easy). Travel and work. If this is your dream, you better start now. You would not want to start too late. The young generations are catching up too fast. If you know what I mean… about this evolution thing.



11-year-old kid

traveler wishlist!

3 places I want to go.

It’s the holiday. It is time for the kid traveler to share you her dream travel plan (just a dream though, I can’t afford one). The bright amber fireball hanging in the baby blue sky awaits me. I force myself to walk outside. I can’t hide from the world forever. These are places I dream of going for the holiday. 🙂

Kid Traveler wish list No. 1

The first place I long to go to is Derby, UK. There are many reasons why I want to reach this destination. One of the main reasons is because there is my favourite band doing a concert there called Motionless In White.

They are an American metal band that travels places. The concert will be on Friday. The other reason is for my Geography project. I am supposed to learn more in the UK. But instead of researching, I figured it will be even more exciting to explore instead. Let us take a look at this kid traveler second wish.

Kid Traveler wish list No. 2

kid traveler

The second place I dream of going is in the country of sunrise, Japan! I would like to go to Tokyo. The likely reason is that I admire Japan’s culture and also because of the scenery in Japan. I have seen many pictures of Sakura. Many have said they smell of a delightful aroma, and I would love to smell one when I am in Japan.

One of my friends have also told me of the cold weather, so I’ll be sure to pack some jackets! Hihi, next kid traveler wishes, please.

Kid Traveler wish list No. 3

kid traveler
And finally, the third place I would like to go to is Maldives. I have seen a few pictures of the beaches in Maldives on Google images and I really have to say their blue beaches and lagoons are enough for me to make me go there. And also because I really love collecting and is hunting for shark teeth near the shore.

So, these are all the places I dream of going. Of course, all these three places are impossible to go to in just one holiday. So for now, I will just keep dreaming and swipe on the pictures of the fun I will be missing.


If you like my article, consider sharing it. And wish my dream come true.
Yours truly,
Sabrina – Just a kid full of dreams.